Sustainable dancewear
Door dansers
Met liefde voor dans
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Gratis groot formaat danstas bij orders van > 75 euro+Gratis groot formaat danstas bij orders van > 75 euro+➡️ Lees hier meer

Sustainable dancewear
Door dansers
Met liefde voor dans

Gratis groot formaat danstas bij orders van > 75 euro+Gratis groot formaat danstas bij orders van > 75 euro+➡️ Lees hier meer

Our story

DforDance dancewear is a Dutch dance brand, born from a love for dance. We make fashionable dancewear of the highest quality which is ecological, sustainable, fair trade and 100% sweatshop-free. Read on about how we started and who we are.

Where shall I begin? Because when it comes to DforDance, I can go on for hours. But I'll keep it short. My name is Lynn. I grew up in the dance studio and I only had one dream; I had to become a professional dancer. Long story short; I didn't become a dancer. Year after year I wasn't 'good enough'. So my dream broke apart and I resolutely stopped everything that had to do with dance. Well, that resolution didn't last that long because there is something about dance that makes it impossible to say goodbye to. Dance isn't something you 'just do'. It defines you as a person. So once a dancer, always a dancer.

Dance has a new meaning for me in the form of DforDance dancewear. A feel-good dance brand where I put all my love, energy and passion into. For every dancer, regardless of your dance style, age or whatever. We are not a standard brand or yet another webshop where you are just a number. I care about you as a customer and still do a little dance of joy with every order. I see every customer (whom I love to call DforDancegirls) as part of our DforDance family. Because even though we may not know each other (yet), we are all dancers. And that connects us.

I don't work alone. My partner in life AND in business, is Ruud. We do everything together and we work with the most lovely team at our DforDance headquaters. Or, as we like to call it, our DforDance (design) studio. Our team is great and everyone has their own talents. Without them, our dream is impossible.

We make dance clothing with love for people, the environment, animals and ... dance. Our products are of the highest quality and are produced ecologically, sustainably, fair trade and 100% sweatshop free. Even our prints are vegan & ecological, so no chemicals, plastics or heavy metals are used. Nowhere in the production process of our clothing and our prints is the environment or are humans or animals harmed. Our fabrics are of high quality and you can use them for years. The goal is to make clothes that are so beautiful that you will also wear them outside the dance studio. This way you can show who you are and what you stand for.

"We may fall 7 times, but we get up and try again.
Because we know that 'one more time' is always a lie. We just don't stop.
Head up, shoulders back, long neck, faster, slower, higher, extend and don't sickle.
Breathe in, breathe out and don't forget to smile.
We know things don't come easy. We work for it.
It isn't just a sport, it defines us.
We are dancers."

DforDance backstage

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