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  • Dance is life - the movie

    Lynn - 27 / Aug / 2020

    Dance is life - the movie

    It isn't just a sport. It defines us.<br />
    We proudly present our brand new movie!

    Dance is life.

    We cry and loose.
    We fail and doubt. We wish, hope and dream.
    So we work and learn.
    Turn and train.
    Pursue, relax, sweat and stretch.
    We fight and believe.
    We inhale, exhale and breathe.
    We preach and wonder.
    On repeat.

    We aim and finally dare. To jump, flow and show.
    We teach and reach. We try and fly.
    We express, try to impress.
    We bounce, we play and slay.
    We create and celebrate.
    We feel, we move and win.
    We laugh.
    We live.
    We dance.

    It isn't just a sport.
    It defines us.

    We are dancers.

    DforDance dancewear© 2020

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