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  • Dance work-out 'fullbody' with Femke (NL only)

    Femke - 06 / May / 2021

    Dance work-out 'fullbody' with Femke (NL only)

    We did something fun! Because Femke Aaldering, our DforDancegirl, gives you one month of free, live workouts. For dancers, by dancers. She focuses on balance, flexibility and strength and in this episode, the main focus is on a full body workout. Femke is a dancer, dance teacher and physiotherapist, so she is, with all her experience and knowledge, your perfect trainer. Even if you don't have a lot of dance experience.

    It's quit hard for a dancer to find the perfect workout. Because where do you find a workout that's practically tailor made for us, dancers? We want to focus on our strength without loosing our flexibility. And how on earth do you create a strong core that helps you with your balance? Well, the search is over!

    Together with DforDancegirl Femke we created 4 dance workouts. Femke hosts a live dance workout every Wednesday (until May) on her Instagram. But we recorded them as well so you can try them from home. It's only in Dutch. We'd love to hear from you!

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