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  • Naadloos geribbeld dans setje - charcoal

    DforDance dancewear Naadloos geribbeld dans setje - charcoal

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    Product description

    DforDance tip: Do you need more information about the different types of dance bra's and which ones are suitable for you specific dance style? And do you wanna know what's the difference between a low and a medium impact bra? And do you need a high impact bra for dancing? We've got you covered with our very detailed blog about dance- and sport bra's. We unraveled all secrets, tips ánd tricks about dance bra's. From knowing which size you need to answers to questions like how often you need to wash them.Click here for our blog!


    • Seamless technology (3D fit) that gives you ultimate freedom of movement
    • Medium impact bra; suitable for more intensive dance styles like jazz, modern, hiphop, streetdance and latin
    • Very trendy item that has a slightly longer fit that combines great with our high waisted seamless ribbed dance legging
    • Lightweight en very breathable
    • Ribbed fabric with beautiful round back
    • Removable padding; we offer you a choice between recieving (free) bra padding or, to take better care of our planet and reducing landfill, you can (re)use other padding from another bra
    • Bra is produced in a sustainable & fair trade way
    • Limited edition that is made by hand 

    Sustainable & Ecologically produced



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    • Fabrication: 92% nylon & 8% elastane

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