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  • Recycled windrunner Dance crew - pink & white details

    DforDance dancewear Recycled windrunner Dance crew - pink & white details

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    Teaching outside will become a lot more comfy with this sustainable windrunner. This jacket is partly manufactured with recycled fabrics and will protect you against rain and wind. The jacket is light, has a sligthly longer fit and a real musthave.

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    DforDance tip: The recycled polyester used in this windrunner, begins as recycled plastic like plastic bottles, which are converted into pellets. These pellets are spun into new yarn. With this technology we re-use old materials and try to reduce our footprint step by step. At DforDance, sustainability is our top priority. We do everything we can to make the dance world more green and more fair. Want to know more about our vision about sustainability? Click here to read our manifest.


    • Lightweight windrunner that is made for teaching outside
    • Water repellant and windproof
    • Breathable mesh lining keeps you cool when your dance heats up
    • Lightweight and perfect for layering
    • JAcket is produced in a sustainable & fair trade way and is made with at least 37% recycled materials
    • Want to personalize this jacket with the logo of your own dance crew or dance studio? Get in touch! (Minimum of 5 jackets)

    Sustainable & Ecologically produced



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    • Fabrication: 100% polyester

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