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    Care instructions

    At DforDance dancewear we only work with the highest quality fabrics. Some are extra soft, others should be comfortable but firm; a suitable item for every dance session. But despite the fact that the quality is high and it's not allowed to break, flake or discolor, you play a big part in how long your dancewear stays beautiful. With these eco friendly ♲ care instructions, your dancewear remains beautiful year after year. 

    Wash inside out at 30 degrees. With the current quality of detergents it's no longer necessary to wash at high temperatures. Good for your dancewear and the environment. 

    Never use a fabric softener. No matter how nice the smell is; fabric softeners contain plasticizers. These plasticisers not only make the fabric 'soak', but also the print. As a result, your print will not stay in good condition and may eventually dry out or fall off. 

    Always wash your clothes with similar colors. This ensures that the colors remain intense for longer. For the best result you wash them with cold water. Never mix your clothes with towels beceause the clothing can pill or damage faster. 

    Always dry your clothes on a rack, inside out and never in direct sunlight. This applies to all of your clothing with prints. Prints cannot withstand tumble dryers. This causes them to dry out and doesn't make them look nicer. 

    Do not iron the print on your clothes. Never place the iron directly on the print. It's possible to iron your clothes inside out with a fabric in between.

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