Hét dansmerk van Nederland & België
Exclusieve designs & 100% duurzaam
Hoge kwaliteit en super persoonlijke service
Gratis verzending > 100 euro
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    DforDance collection

    About the DforDance collection: DforDance originated from the love for dance. We want to make unique dance clothing for you that you can use to show that you are a dancer. From luxurious sweaters to fine and affordable shirts, from leg warmers to handy dance bags and from the very best high waisted dance leggings to cool unisex joggers. We make everything by hand and only to order. That way you know for sure that you will get a unique item that is made with a lot of love & attention. Almost all our products are fair trade, ecological, sustainable and provided with vegan prints. Our dance clothing is exclusively available in our webshop.

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