Hét dansmerk van Nederland & België
Exclusieve designs & 100% duurzaam
Hoge kwaliteit en super persoonlijke service
Gratis verzending > 100 euro
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  • Shop all DforDance dancewear

    Shop all DforDance dancewear

    • Dance bra's

      Dance bra's

      Nothing is more important for you body and your breast as wearing the right bra. If you dance, you absolutely need a medium impact bra. All our bra's are made for dancing.

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    • Tanktops


      Our tanktops are perfect to wear while dancing or to combine them with a blazer. They are made from our best fabrics and look great on you.

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    • Tees


      Our tees have the perfect fit, give you full freedom of movement, are 100% vegan and sustainable and are the best quality out there. Show them you're a dancer!

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    • Sweaters


      Our sweaters are not only 100% sustainable, they're also extremely comfy and soft. Available in many colours and the most beautiful prints about dance.

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    • Hoodies & jackets

      Hoodies & jackets

      What do you choose; a jacket or a hooded sweatshirt? They're available in many popping and elegant colours and made with love for you, dance and our planet.

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    • Leggings & Joggers

      Leggings & Joggers

      We're pretty 'famous' for our high waisted leggings; made for dancers, by dancers. Because we know what you need. But have you checked out our other items?

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    • Beanies


      Complete your outfit with out beanies, made for dancers. They are the ultimate addition to you look. Available in 11 colours.

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    • Gift cards

      Gift cards

      Time for a gift? But no clue what you should give and choose? DforDance to the rescue! We have a range of giftcards for you.

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    • Accessories & bags

      Accessories & bags

      Bags, dance socks, legwarmers and so much more; we have a big range of cute dance accessoires. All sustainable and all made by hand.

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