Hét dansmerk van Nederland & België
Exclusieve designs & 100% duurzaam
Hoge kwaliteit en super persoonlijke service
Gratis verzending > 100 euro
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  • All DforDance leggings & Joggers

    All DforDance leggings & Joggers

    About our leggings: Probably the most essential part of your dance outfit. It really has to meet some requirements. Intense floorwork, deep plies, a big slide ... they have to endure a lot. That is why our leggings are the ultimate dance leggings. A high solid waist, the finest fabrics, made for intensive dance lessons. Stylish, durable and with a silicone print. So you can be sure that your print will never tear, peel or discolour. Need advice about one of our dance leggings? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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