Hét dansmerk van Nederland & België
Exclusieve designs & 100% duurzaam
Hoge kwaliteit en super persoonlijke service
Gratis verzending > 100 euro
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  • All DforDance tees

    All DforDance tees

    Our tees have the perfect fit, give you full freedom of movement, are 100% vegan and sustainable and are the best quality out there. Show them you're a dancer!

    About our tees: Dance is not something you do, you are dance, it defines you. It is the statement on which DforDance is built and originated. Our tees are of the highest quality. Sometime we use fabrics with a velvet finish and sometime we use high-quality viscose or eco / bio cotton. Would you like advice on which product suits best for you? Or do you want more information? We are ready for you!

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